Saturday Musings

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Mmm Saturday.  I bet yours didn’t start like this…

IMG 6237

Yes, that is a snowstorm in the middle of April.  Making it really hard for me to believe it’s actually April!  Any quite possibly has ruined my plans to run outside for the next few days.  I find it *really* hard to get into treadmill runs.  Something about them just feels wrong!

Maybe your day started like this?

IMG 6227

Mine did, and it was awesome.  Kiwi, banana, soy milk, hemp and chia seeds, cinnamon, drippy tahini.  Love in a bowl (well, maybe not, but oh well)

Now, remember my little veg pledge?

IMG 6231

Here is one of my veggified snacks!  I really wanted to reach for the almonds and chocolate, but went for this lighter snack.  Plus an apple – I still needed something sweet.

I’ve also just been munching on red peppers, carrots and celery here and there to kill the need to snack all the time.  Don’t worry, I’m still eating plenty of calories each day!

IMG 6233

More glass noodle deliciousness.  With cheezy sauce. I eat weird food.  Deal with it!

IMG 6234

More clean eats!  Egg and veggie scramble over spinach, with flax oil and ACV. And more cheezy sauce. And matzah.

IMG 6236

One of my all-time favorite dinners = raw pasta!  Dare I say I like it better than regular spaghetti? Well, it’s way more satisfying, that’s for sure.  With more cheezy sauce (with yogurt added for protein), avocado, tomato, spices.  I want this again now.

IMG 6230

Current obsession.  This is the drippy kind, as opposed to the nut-butter-y kind.  Anyone have any idea what the difference is? Regardless, I think I like tahini better than peanut butter at the moment… yes, I went there.

What was your veggie-fied snack the past few days?

Favorite food combos that may be considered weird?

Any idea what the difference is between the drippy tahini and nut butter like tahini?!?!

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4 thoughts on “Saturday Musings

  1. Nada (One Arab Vegan)

    How funny, that’s an Arabic brand of Tahini! (We call it Tahina, hence the spelling). I was actually just going to say the nut butter-y kind doesn’t seem authentic to me as I’m used to the drippy kind. I assume the difference is that smoother tahini is just processed for longer allowing the oils to be released better? I always make sure to stir it as it tends to settle at the bottom.

    Also I had some zucchini pasta for lunch today and was thinking the exact same thing! Spaghetti is overrated. Have you ever tried it cooked? I’m thinking of steaming some to see how it tastes.

    Sorry for the long comment, I get excited over tahini :)
    Nada (One Arab Vegan) recently posted..Arabs and Veganism: The Difference Between Acceptance and UnderstandingMy Profile

    1. Rachel Post author

      Ooh cool, thanks Nada! I’ve never tried steaming zucchini noodles… but I really like the crunch of them raw. And no worries, I totally understand your excitement about tahini 😛

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