Lovely Weekend

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Everyone have a good Easter/Passover weekend? I certainly did.  Some good food, friends, walks in the city, pillow fights.  I’ll show you!

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And so it begins – the rotation of matzah breakfasts.  Well, not every day, since fruit and green smoothies are still kosher for passover.  Lucky for me, lax was on sale!  I had half a piece with creamy goat cheese and lax, half with creamy goat cheese and jam.  Cream cheese and jam is a childhood favorite.  Seriously, try it!

IMG 6187

I made a lovely / refreshing bean salad.  Right now I’m too lazy to share a proper recipe.  Sorry ( but not really…)!

IMG 6192

On my active rest day I decided to walk from my place to Stockholm’s city center – about an hour.  This weather is slightly deceiving, though, it was chilly and super windy!

IMG 6195

Stockholm has lots of hills.  Made of these rocks.  It’s really cool!

IMG 6201

The reason I went to the city – to watch Stockholm’s participants in the international pillow fight!  The turnout was not nearly as impressive as NYC’s , but was still quite fun to watch.

When I got home that evening though, I was chilled to the bone, felt like crap, and could not stop sneezing!  I spent the evening curled up sipping tea, and really hoping that it would pass the next day, since I was planning to run in the morning.  Nope! Same thing happened all day, which led to me taking a second rest day in a row (gah!) and spending another night curled up sipping tea and hot water with honey and lemon.

Luckily I felt a million times better today, and got in a good 4.5 mile run this morning!

IMG 6206

Going back to the weekend – Easter brunch with friends! Tons of good food, traditions from at least 5 different countries, and no shortage of chocolate.

IMG 6208

This is some traditional Swedish thing they drink at Easter (Påsk = Easter, in Swedish).  It tasted like a weird mix of coke and ice tea.  It was weird.   That is all.

You like my original post title? I’m feeling a little less than creative today.  If you couldn’t tell.

What did you do this Easter weekend?

Ever participated in International Pillow Fight day?

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