Wandering Mind

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Oh hey, remember me?  Motivation to blog  has been rather low.  Actually motivation in general has been rather low.  Really not trying to be a downer, but I’ve reached that point in my stay here in Sweden where I realize I’m more than half way through.  Sad day!

And I want time to slow down, so I can figure my s**t out!

IMG 6152

Melon & iced coffee pre 4mi run – makes a body happy when the mind wanders.  Now that I can relax and run a little more, I’ve started to love it more.  Running = de-stressing.  Now Stockholm weather needs to choose a season and stop throwing in these winter storms when it’s supposed to be spring.  Snow tomorrow? there go my awesome running plans.

IMG 6153

Another thing that makes a body happy – big green smoothies.  That I drank half of before photographing.  Keep your body happy, and the mind will surely follow.  At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

IMG 6154

I’m indecisive and all over the place this week.  This was part 1 of 3 of lunch.  Quinoa and hummus? I’ll take it.

IMG 6155

Oh yes, it happened.

IMG 6156

Phish food happened.  I’m a sucker for marshmallows.  I can’t believe that would have cost $4 on any other day.

IMG 6161

Really want to do your body some good?  Try this recipe for chilled cucumber avocado soup.  It’s the easiest thing ever – the blender does all the hard work for you.  Did I mention I was feeling lazy?  (Loving my failed attempt to make the bowl look pretty…)

IMG 6163

And if you need a few more carbs to go with your raw soup, make buckwheat pan-bread. Or crepes. Whatever you want to call them – warm and delicious is what I’m voting for.  Maybe one of these days I’ll remember what ingredients I used and post a proper recipe? You may have to beg for it…

IMG 6165

Sweet potatoes for breakfast – when you’re out of all fruit, milk, and cereal, and oatmeal is the last thing you want.  Packed a nutritional punch, given the circumstances under which it was thrown together.

IMG 6168

And I don’t even know what to call this, eaten at 4:30pm as fuel for a killer 6pm CoreBoard workout class.

IMG 6170

Those sugar cravings are still hitting hard.  Trying to kill this beast once and for all – a few raisins at a time.  Did that even make any sense? Ha.

IMG 6171

And yes, I eat green sludge for breakfast.  Mmm! (It’s vega, for those who were actually curious)

And, for today’s random kitchen adventure…

IMG 6173

I made sauerkraut, round 2! (and drank lemon water)  I was introduced to the idea by the Pure2Raw twins’ lovely tutorial.

IMG 6174

It’s really super easy – all you need is cabbage and salt.  Not to mention budget friendly!  Here in Sweden, a pre-made jar of kraut costs about $5 – for one jar.  A gigantic head of cabbage costs about $2, 1T of salt costs less than $1, and I got four jars out of it.

IMG 6175

And I only used 3/4 of the head of cabbage.  Oh yes. (Thank goodness I save my empty jars! That’s one thing a nut butter addiction is good for)

I definitely had something else to say, but (rather fittingly) I forgot.  [[did I really just use the word fittingly? where is my brain…]]

Oh yes, a few things of note I now have a dailymile account for tracking workouts, if you want to know what I do to move every day.  And I also have instagram! (finally)  If you want to see all my musings in picture form, follow me! (username: eatlearndiscover)

Every have scatterbrained time periods?  Any tips on how to get some motivation going?

Anything on your mind you want to share?  Let it out!

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8 thoughts on “Wandering Mind

  1. Tessa @ Amazing Asset

    Dohhh I hate when my motivation starts to wane too… I would suggest just embracing it for a day or so and then giving yourself a bit of a pep talk. Remember how great it will feel to tackle whatever is bugging you! Your eats look pretty fantastic as usual Rachel… the sweet potato is just the best :)
    I am SOOO JEALOUS of your access to B and J on free cone day! I thought about going to one but then I looked it up and saw the closest one was 2 hours away haha. Almost worth it 😉
    Tessa @ Amazing Asset recently posted..(Overcoming) Holiday FearsMy Profile

    1. Rachel Post author

      Yeah, I’m riding it out for a bit, but I definitely need to kick my butt back in gear! It’s funny, I didn’t even know that it was free cone day until I happened to be right near the B&J’s, and someone told me about it!

  2. Kat @ a dash of fairydust

    Ooooh,I also have a motivation problem… I really should learn for my finals,but I don’t want toooooo…! I guess I just have to do it though because elsewise,I’ll have a tiny little problem in a few weeks… *rolleyes*
    Anyhow,yay for instagram! I followed you immediately! 😀
    Kat @ a dash of fairydust recently posted..A [pretty unusual] WIAW.My Profile


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