Riga, Latvia – 2 Days on a boat!

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As far as I can remember, I’ve never been on a cruise ship.  [Maybe when I was younger than 3? Don’t think so, though…]  So I jumped at the chance to take a weekend cruise to Riga, Latvia – for $15 for two nights on the ship!

IMG 6150

All aboard the Romantika!  I went with a group of girl friends, which made for an awesome weekend.

2012 03 30 14 40 47

Day 1 snack (pb&j) and dinner (use-up-the-fridge salad beast) packed! Plus a loka sparkling water to settle my stomach on the boat.  I’m glad I packed that for sure.

IMG 6033

Boarding the ship in Stockholm.

IMG 6040

Goodbye, Stockholm. Riga – see you in 17 hours!

IMG 6045

The ship was like an all-inclusive hotel/airport thing.  We spent some time in the sauna and whirlpool the first day, and hit up the duty-free shopping the second.  There were also 4+ restaurants and cafes – but they’re not cheap, so we brought our breakfasts and dinners.   The boat had a pub, a casino/lounge-type club, and a dance club, which were fun, but I wouldn’t call them superfantastic.

The cabins were rather cramped for 4 people (forgot to take a picture… oops), but with the price we paid, it was not a big deal.

IMG 6052

There were a few of these involved (only the one with the glowstick is mine, I promise!).

Then, we arrived in Riga at about 11am, and set out wandering the city.

IMG 6060

I really loved the place, but the weather was less than ideal.  Rainy and cold – which is too bad!

IMG 6063

(Yes, that is a design on the thing covering the building.  Odd? Yes. Awesome? Also yes.)

IMG 6067

The architecture was really neat there!  If I had the chance, I’d definitely spend more than a day there.

IMG 6073

We stopped for coffees and warmth.

IMG 6074

Mocha for me (that’s foam, not cream, I promise!) Delicious – not too sweet actually.  Wish I had asked for soy, though.

IMG 6097

All the streets were cobblestone.  I love cities like this!

IMG 6105

Those are old hangars – that now how one of the largest markets in the world!  Well, the indoor part of it.  Vendors sold everything from fresh produce, to meat and cheese, textiles, souvenirs, clothing, jewelry, hand made goods – basically everything you could possibly imagine.  And things were so cheap there, too.

IMG 6107

Part of the outdoor section of the market – it winds around the entire back of the hangars.

IMG 6108

Gorgeous pomegranates!

IMG 6110

And fresh produce – you could smell dill everywhere.

IMG 6112

Beautiful – they had a whole section with tables full of these (honestly can’t remember what they’re called…)

IMG 6115

This made me laugh – candy bars and coffee behind glass. What.

IMG 6127

Amazing soaps at that stand – two of my friends split a bar!

IMG 6125

I was so tempted to stock up here!  But there was too much going on, and I was too indecisive.  So, of course, I decided on nothing.

Time was running low (we only had about 4 hours total), so we headed back towards the boat to grab some lunch first.

IMG 6128

My friend and I shared the cheese plate to start – which was quite delicious.  The hard one (far right) was my favorite, although I don’t really know what any of these were.  As much as I enjoyed this, I really should not have eaten that much – I spent most of the rest of the afternoon with a pretty bad stomach ache, partly curled up in bed. Note to self!

IMG 6130

Then I got a small plate of grilled veggies as well.  Love them!  Although that garlic sauce was a little too strong.

IMG 6135

The three brothers!  This was one site we all made sure to visit.  And there it is – proof I was in Riga!

IMG 6147

Since things weren’t so expensive, I bought a few souvenir things for myself.  Riga is known for wool and amber – so that is what I got!  Some really nice purple wool hand warmers, a mug, and amber earrings.

IMG 6146

I love souvenir mugs – and the one is mini!  And really pretty.

IMG 6149

the amber was fantastic – mostly the larger pieces.  But they were a bit out of my price rang, so I went for something small that I knew I would wear regularly.

Back in Sthlm about midday today – and I’d say my first cruise ship experience was a winner.  I was planning on getting in a run or workout when I got back, but I’m just really not feeling it.  Not the “I’m too lazy” not feeling it, I can’t really put my finger on it, but I’ve been low energy for the past couple days.  I also think I slept funny last night, there’s a knot/pain in my neck (when I turn my head to the right/back) that won’t go away.

Ah well – tomorrow is a new day!

Have you ever been on a boat cruise? What did you think?

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4 thoughts on “Riga, Latvia – 2 Days on a boat!

    1. Rachel Post author

      Haha! Unfortunately I couldn’t afford to pay for food on board – but the next cruise is with the parents. Free food? Yes.

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