WIAW – Green and Random

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So, at the moment I’m not feeling so high energy right now (gross rainy weather today), and don’t really have anything witty or noteworthy to say.

So, here’s the last installment of What I Ate Wednesday Goes Green!

WIAW+GOES+GREEN WIAW   Green and RandomAgain, this is a mashup of eats from the past few days, not representative of a full day of eating.

IMG 6010 WIAW   Green and Random

An amazing new breakfast – melon bowl! I first got the idea after reading Skinny Bitch (review to come? possibly?) and seeing this post.  And it was glorious.  I felt refreshed and hydrated, and this canary melon was beyond delicious.

IMG 6012 WIAW   Green and Random

a more substantial breakfast came about 45 minutes after the melon bowl.  the first half (day one) I filled this bowl with some cold muesli and soy milk (no photo).

after the second half (day two) I grabbed half a banana and went for a run.  Great running fuel & hydration!

IMG 6020 WIAW   Green and Random

Then came home to a green smoothie.  I promise it’s green, but frozen berries make it a sludge-y color.  Oh well, tasted lovely.

IMG 6014 WIAW   Green and Random

mid-morning pre workout snack plates.  check out that blood orange!

IMG 6016 WIAW   Green and Random

lunch randoms.  Salad and fluffy scrabbled eggs.  Feeling really lazy.  Hence all one dish – I usually hate when food touches that isn’t eaten together. That’s how incredibly lazy I’ve been the past few days.

IMG 6004 WIAW   Green and Random

Dinner randoms – this is actually Thai curry!  I bought a little jar of green curry paste on sale – best idea ever.  Just add to coconut milk, and it tastes like real Thai food!  Served on a big green bed of spinach – my favorite.

IMG 6003 WIAW   Green and Random

more randoms.  I think this was a 4pm lunch/snack? Frozen veggie mix and half an avocado.  Sometimes there is nothing more comforting than eating an avocado with a spoon.  Love it.

IMG 6017 WIAW   Green and Random

To satisfy the sugar cravings – warm berries, cinnamon, hemp, tahini.  Mm healthy fats, fiber, and natural sugars.

IMG 6018 WIAW   Green and Random

Wow, I’m on a roll with this random thing – noodles, bok choy (!!!), bean sprouts.  with lemon pepper and olive oil.  Lemon pepper is my new favorite seasoning.

IMG 6022 WIAW   Green and Random

There we go, a properly put together meal! Sandwich on seeded spelt bread/bun/thing – egg, avocado, mustard, sprouts.  Plus roasted broccoli with olive oil and lemon pepper.  I wasn’t lying when I said new favorite.

IMG 6023 WIAW   Green and Random

Of course there were some not-so-greens.  Mmm chocolate – tastes better when it’s on sale, of course.  I’m making this guy last.

IMG 6019 WIAW   Green and Random

Plus a few too many spoonfuls of this stuff.  It’s official, it now does not matter what kind of nut butter I buy, I can’t make one jar last more than a couple of weeks, if that. At this point I’ll probably alternate between tahini and PB, since they’re cheapest.  I’m jealous of all you who have 4+ different nut butters on hand!  One day.  Yay for strange foodie dreams.

On another note, I’m craving carbs like crazy – I think late night oatmeal is in order tonight.

Do you ever have lazy weeks where your meals tend to be totally random? ha, practically every day…

Tell me about something amazing you recently ate!

pixel WIAW   Green and Random
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