WIAW – Green and… Hungry?

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What’s this?  Blogging two days in a row? I’m not sure what has come over me!  And I’m doing another real What I Ate Wednesday (read: one day food diary)?  Granted, pictures of all of my snacks are pretty much missing, but we can imagine that I’m still a good blogger. ha.

Anyway, I’ve felt pretty good with the eats around here – I definitely have more energy eating more vegetables and wholesome foods, and less ‘heavy’ meals like I was when traveling.  I even switched out my coffee for yerba maté for a few days!

March is still the month of green eats over at Jenn’s Peas and Crayons, so of course I did my best to green up my meals.  Unfortunately I had run out of salad greens and spinach for a day, so my plates are not as green as usual.  But I tried, I promise!


IMG 5882

Muesli & chia soaked in soy milk for a few minutes, with banana and a bit of tahini.  Eaten a couple of hours before a workout – amazing fuel food!

IMG 5883

Yeah, that no coffee thing didn’t last.  The night before, I made a big pitcher of iced coffee, to last me a few days.  I find that I’m less likely to chug the coffee if it’s cold.  Strange? Also, the warmer temps are certainly making iced coffee sound much better than hot.  Bring on spring!


IMG 5884

As green as could be – veggie spears with a bit too much cayenne pepper (oh well…), and a wrap with avocado, chickpeas and mustard.  I want another one of these, like now.

[insert picture of really ugly yogurt bowl here] – I was still hungry after this lunch (thank you, strength workout), so I made myself a protein-packed yogurt bowl for dessert.  It wasn’t pretty, but it was tasty.

[insert numerous class snacks & hot chocolate here] – nuts, banana, knäckebröd, and a few other things.  I definitely did not expect crazy hunger.  oh well.

Dinner (finally!)

IMG 5887

Zucchini ribbons with avocado sauce, lots of purple cabbage, chickpeas, spices.  I needed a no-cook meal, fast.  That’s one reason I love raw foods!

Late Night Munchies

IMG 5890

That’s one tell-tale sign I didn’t eat enough during the day.  about an hour after dinner I was hungry again – so I went for a small microwaved sweet potato with tahini and cinnamon.  Hit the spot.

But, then, right before bed, my stomach started rumbling again! I drank a glass or two of water to try to make it go away, but time passed and I was definitely in need of a little bedtime snack.  So I had a small cup of oatmeal. Again, no picture.

Are you good at anticipating hunger? Apparently I’m not!

Best GREEN thing you ate recently?

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12 thoughts on “WIAW – Green and… Hungry?

    1. Rachel Post author

      It’s definitely difficult to do, Kat, but have faith! In time, things will figure themselves out. And when things do settle, it will feel damn good.


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