Things, Lately.

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So I was going to do another post about Paris since I have about 1000 more photos (no joke) worth of things to show.  But, truth is, I’m getting a little burnt out on all this travel blogging.

How about some random foodie things? (These are from before my trip, I guess I just couldn’t let them stay un-published)

IMG 4954

Strawberries and cream oatmeal – someone anticipating summer? Didn’t really taste the coconut cream as much as I was hoping to, but it certainly helped keep me full.  I’m not feeling the summer-y flavors just yet.

IMG 4955

tuna & lentil salad on rye. broccoli with a little drizzle of EVOO.  mmm lunch.

IMG 4959

Study snacks of choice!  The week before I left, I had a ridiculous take-home essay exam – that I ended up having to finish during my first couple days of the trip.  If you follow me on twitter, a) you probably saw all the ridiculous/ complain-y/ angst-y updates, and b) I apologize for said updates.

Needless to say, I went to my physics class yesterday for the first time since December.  I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for a brutal class in my life.

IMG 4965

This was weirdly good.  Any guesses about what it is? Ah well, I’ll tell you, though I’m not really sure what to call it.  Savory smoothie? Chilled soup?  The combo was spinach, avocado, hemp seeds, spices a little lemon and stevia, and water to blend.  Super creamy and filling – this was dinner one night actually.  I added quinoa, because I wanted some texture. Mmm!

IMG 4967

More oatmeal? Like so many of you, it’s still my go-to filling breakfast.  This combo had 1 whole egg whipped in with lots of cinnamon.  Topped with banana, tahini and some ground flax.

I’m finding that breakfast is not the time for me to skimp on portion size.  For one, in the morning I’m less likely to over eat.  Why? not exactly sure, but that’s how it is.  And two, the more substantial breakfast I eat, the less hungry I am for the entire day. So, big breakfasts it is.

IMG 4969

One night I had a ridiculous craving for ravioli – I tried to let it pass, to see if it was really a craving or just some emotional thing.  But even after a day or so ravioli was still on my mind. This has happened before, which is even stranger.  Why do I crave ravioli of all things?  (also, I seriously just laughed out loud at myself for that one)

Anyway, when a craving like that calls and doesn’t go away, you bet I honored it.  The good thing about having a grocery store nearby?  Their house brand is really cheap, and really good!  I make a putanesca sauce to go with – using herb crushed tomatoes (cheaper than jarred sauce, pretty much just as good), capers and olives (that’s what makes it putanesca), and some beans for extra protein.  On a bed of spinach of course – my favorite way to eat pasta for sure!

IMG 4971

Super-lunch!  Sunny side up eggs, sweet potato with tahini, and knäckebröd (wasa) for yolk dipping.  I know, no veggies – I had used them up at this point (the day I was leaving for my trip)

IMG 5874

What? That’s not food!  Nope – it’s the brand new bathroom I came home to this weekend!  After a month of renovations, loud noises, and strange Swedish men in my room, it’s so nice to have my own bathroom again.  And it’s clean!  If only the heated towel rack worked…

IMG 5876

And yes, I couldn’t let this post go by without a salad beast involved!  I dug into this guy immediately upon my return from Paris.  Fresh food never tasted so good!  Spinach, cucumber, avocado, tomatoes, kraut, tuna.  Devoured.

Now it’s time to get back in the workout groove as well – I’ve already done a killer BodyAttack class, and my favorite yoga class, now I’m off to rock Tina’s medicine ball circuit at the gym.  Then class, homework, etc – lather, rinse, repeat.

What’s your favorite ‘feel-good’ healthy meal?

Do you ever get any really strange cravings that don’t go away?

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