Above the Arctic – Swedish Lapland

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I’m back from the Arctic Circle! Long time, no blog, non? 5 computer-free days was actually quite refreshing.  I still had my phone for internet access, but found myself using it less and less as the trip went on – it was so much nicer to just enjoy the scenery.

I took over 500 pictures on this trip, so I’m not going to caption them all in the post.  But, I’ll definitely answer questions about them if anyone chooses to leave them in the comments.

My trip in a nutshell: 35+ hours in a bus, amazing arctic scenery, great friends, 3 arctic cities, freezing weather, once in a lifetime adventures. Stockholm>Kiruna>Abisko>Narvik and back again.  I could ramble for hours about this trip, but I’m going to keep it as short as possible.

IMG 4433

IMG 4449

IMG 4456

IMG 4458

IMG 4473

IMG 4475

IMG 4493

IMG 4509

IMG 4520

IMG 4554

IMG 4556

IMG 4557

IMG 4573

IMG 4641

IMG 4640

IMG 4651

IMG 4676

IMG 4682

IMG 4724

IMG 4731

IMG 4755

IMG 4786

IMG 4823

IMG 4833

IMG 4845

IMG 4857

IMG 4860

IMG 4866

IMG 4880

IMG 4899

IMG 4901

IMG 4910

IMG 4924

IMG 4929

Have you ever been north of the Arctic Circle?

What’s the most amazing place you’ve ever visited?

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9 thoughts on “Above the Arctic – Swedish Lapland

    1. Rachel Post author

      It actually wasn’t that cold there, compared to what it usually is (only 20-30F, as opposed to 0 and below)! But it was fantastic regardless.

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