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Did anyone else completely forget that February 29th doesn’t happen every year? For some reason, I only realized yesterday that it’s a leap year.  These things almost never slip by me. To that I say – wow, Rachel. Pull it together!  Okay, digression over.

Right. Where was I? Oh yes – the last week of What I Ate Wednesday’s Love Your Veggies month!  9am classes monday and tuesday do not make it very easy to photograph meals and things, as most are packed and munched on throughout the day.  But here are some of my favorite veg-filled meals lately.

IMG 4415

Best breakfast on the go – 2 egg omelet with lots of steamed spinach, folded up and stuck in a rye roll with a little smear of fruit preserves.  Sweet and savory, but full of nutrients!

IMG 4395

Awesome lunch from a few days ago – sweet potato hash!  1 grated sweet potato steam-fried with spices, broccoli (from frozen) and two perfectly poached eggs with a bit of cayenne pepper.  The yolks were still soft, and made for an amazing sauce.  Hopefully I’ll get around to an egg-poaching tutorial, I need to share what I have learned!

IMG 4417

Salad beast!  Raw zucchini ribbons (used a potato peeler) hidden under the spinach, tomatoes, hummus, roasted tofu and brussels sprouts, plus a taste of homemade sauerkraut! I was inspired by the Pure2Raw ladies to make my own – all it takes is a cabbage, salt, and an empty jar!  More on this later.

Snacks have consisted of lots of nuts, occasionally of the chocolate-covered variety (need little treats to stay sane!), fruit (mostly apples and blood oranges), whole avocados (yes, i get lots of weird looks), veggie sticks, and more.  And the occasional pastry.  They’re just too delicious!

Oh, I have one more slightly veggie related thing –

IMG 4416

I finally found a cheap (about $3 a bottle, the best price out there for now) conditioner that I feel comfortable using.  While it’s not all natural, and does have a few chemical ingredients, it’s still paraben free and sulfate free, and most of the ingredients are natural oils.  So I’ll deal for a few months so I don’t have to spend $15+ on a bottle of conditioner every month (I use a lot)

What’s your current favorite veggie meal?

How do you feel about natural products? Is it *always* worth it to spend the extra money?

[[P.S. – I’m headed north of the Arctic Circle today to Swedish Lapland! I’m so excited – I’m going with a student tour, and we get to go dog sledding and snowmobiling, exploring the arctic and meeting some natives, we get to visit the ice hotel and hopefully see the northern lights!  Unfortunately that means spending 15+ hours on a bus each way.  Catch you when I get back!!]]

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17 thoughts on “WIAW – Veggie Lately

  1. Eleanor@Eatinglikeahorse

    Wow, have a great time, that sounds amazing! Apparently the Northern Lights were seen in parts of the UK this winter but not here; I’d love to see them.
    And I always want the food you picture, it all looks delicious :-)
    Eleanor@Eatinglikeahorse recently posted..LentMy Profile

  2. Ashley Pomes

    Great job with the veggies. My favorite veggie meal is always a salad beast because you can throw everything all together and have a great meal.
    -I love trying natural products but sometimes they are not always worth it. Sometimes they do absolutely nothing for you and then I cannot see making the purchase. I need to feel like I get something from it, even if it is only in my mind lol.
    Ashley Pomes recently posted..WIAW 17My Profile

    1. Rachel Post author

      Salad beasts are always a favorite! That’s a great view on natural products, Ashley. I hadn’t really thought about that, but it makes perfect sense.


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