Running Outside, Overeating

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Been a while since a real post, non?  I guess I haven’t had

Yesterday, I went for an outdoor run – yes, in February, in Sweden.  The forecast called for 35 degree weather, and lots of sun.  I charged up my Garmin and laid out my running clothes the night before and committed to running outside.  And I couldn’t be happier that I did.

IMG 4392

I covered 4 miles at a slow, easy pace.  I have a hard time coming to grips with the fact that I’m not going to be a super fast runner after the small amount of training I’ve done so far.  I’m trying to force myself slow down and run comfortable – I’m a little too good at pushing hard when it comes to exercise.  But it was fantastic.  I looked on a map before going out to plan a route, but when I got there, I found trails in the woods were still iced over!  So I decided to just follow roads to see where they would take me.

I’ve never run outside not in a city.  This was a whole new experience, and I loved it!  I didn’t even take my iPod, but I didn’t miss it at all.  I hope more of the ice clears out soon (doubtful, this seems like just a spring tease) so I can run on the trails!

IMG 4394

Huge, super thick green smoothie to refuel.  Some fruit (don’t remember), seeds, and frozen spinach.  I inhaled this thing.

Later that evening, I was headed to an international dinner party (!!!).  Everyone had to bring something from his or her home country to share.  Unfortunately, when most people think American, they think fast food – burgers and fries.  Not happening.  Somehow I ended up short on time, so I had to do something mildly American, with no time to actually cook anything.  I went with “southwestern” black bean salad.  Usually more of a summer thing, and more Mexican than American, but it was still delicious. [I can share the recipe later, if you like…I’m feeling lazy now]

IMG 4406

There was so much good food at the dinner!  Lots of hearty, cooked things – Eastern European staples.  Here’s my first plate:

IMG 4407

I don’t really remember what each thing was – unfortunately I ate way too fast.  It was all really good, though!

But I went back for more.  I really didn’t need to, as I was full and satisfied.  Then there was dessert.  Which I also had way too many servings of (like 4, at least).  I completely forgot how to eat at a buffet.  I completely forgot to give myself a pep-talk to remember how awful I feel after loading up at a buffet.  I used to overeat like this all the time, especially freshman year at the dining halls – and I still have major problems with buffet-style eating.  The “I have to get the most food I possibly can while it’s available” mindset takes over when the food tastes good, and I somehow manage to completely forget how awful it feels afterwards.  Luckily there was a lot of walking involved in my trip home.

Unfortunately, I did it again today – over ate.  After class, a group of us wanted to try what is supposedly the best vegetarian buffet in Stockholm – Herman’s.  And boy, was it amazing.

IMG 4410

Tons of cold salads,

IMG 4412

IMG 4411

And a delicious hot bar.  Plus freshly baked bread.  Luckily there was no dessert bar.  I probably would have felt worse than I already did.  Here’s what I ate:

IMG 4408

Plus a slice of dark rye bread, and…

IMG 4409

When food is really good and readily available, I have a hard time listening to my body telling me to stop eating.  I could keep going beyond discomfort – and the fact that I had just done it the night before was not helping my willpower.  This really a step back, and I’m going to be honest and say I’m not having the easiest time dealing with it.  I know that two days is not going to kill me, but it hits hard that I did this right as I’m finally settling into an eating routine.  I’m not planning to restrict or workout extra (trying to listen to my body again).  I just can’t shake the feeling that all the strength I have built up to stop overeating is gone.

Sorry to end on a lower note, but again, I needed to get that out.  Overall I’m still doing pretty well :-)

Runners – what’s your favorite place to run outside?

How do you deal with emotional overeating? I’d really love to hear your thoughts!

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6 thoughts on “Running Outside, Overeating

  1. Rach @ Lessons by Rach

    I know exactly how you’re feeling about the overeating. When there is such good (and vegetarian!) food at hand, it’s hard to stop myself, and I just keep eating without realizing that maybe I don’t need anymore. The best way that I have been able to figure out how to deal with it is to take a deep breath, consciously forgive myself, and remind myself that tomorrow (or the next time) is an opportunity to do things better. Then, the next time, I try to be more conscious of the food and really experience it so I am satisfied with just one serving. I think the biggest thing is to just try and stay as aware as possible as you are eating.
    Rach @ Lessons by Rach recently posted..New Discovery and My Grading ScaleMy Profile

  2. Ashley Pomes

    I completely understand how you feel about overeating. I hate the feeling afterward and it has nothing to do with disordered eating (something I struggle with) it just doesn’t make me feel good. I have built up so much strength when it comes to overeating and as of late I too am feeling like some of that will power is gone a little. I am trying to tell myself that it took time to build it up so I can do it again it is just gonna take some time. good luck with everything :) Its nice to know that you are enjoying your time overseas and getting out of your comfort zone.
    Ashley Pomes recently posted..Insanity Weekend Update!!My Profile


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