Copenhagen, the FOOD! [WIAW}

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Okay, now the important stuff – food! Specifically, what I ate in Copenhagen.  If you are interested in the places I visited and things I saw you can read: part 1 here, and part 2 here.  There are a few pretty awesome things.

But I’m sure most of you are more interested in what I ate 😛  And what better way to present it than in the form of a What I Ate Wednesday post?  This is not everything I ate, as of course, I didn’t photograph it all – wasn’t a priority!

Jenn’s “Love Your Veggies” challenge is still going on, and don’t worry – I most certainly didn’t forget about it.

IMG 4077

Breakfast at the airport – one of my pre made oatmeal mixes.  Made with hot water, added some banana slices.

IMG 4090

Green juice! (veggies!)  Copenhagen has a ton of juice bars, and they’re not terribly pricey compared to some I’ve come across in NYC.  This was exactly what I needed as a midday pick-me-up after a long morning of travel.

IMG 4094

Also got a super filling vegan sandwich – hummus, cucumber, avocado and olives on a seeded bread.  They pressed it in a panini maker, and it was crunchy and toasty and delicious.  Also kept me full for more than 3 hours!

IMG 4180

Dinner that night – I found a super cheap bagel place that had an awesome salad bar.  I got a box with root veg and potatoes, broccoli, mixed greens, salmon, and some other stuff I don’t remember.  Fun fact, this was probably the least expensive meal my entire trip – and it was the most veggie filled and satisfying.

IMG 4112

I mentioned that there was this famous Danish bakery.  I had to try it once.

IMG 4206

Afternoon snack – a cinnamon swirl danish, and a coffee.  Holy sugar overload this was amazing. Also, it tasted real – not like a store-bought pastry with overly processed ingredients.  Still, I remember why I don’t eat these things on a regular basis.

IMG 4283

Huge mediterranean dinner – the vegetarian plate.  It was quite good for what I paid – I got 2 pita breads on the side as well.  I was surprised at the quality for a not so great looking place.

IMG 4338

Remember how I mentioned that I found a froyo place? Well I had to indulge – I don’t know when the next chance I get for froyo will be.  The smallest size original tart (!) with chocolate/nut mix.

IMG 4357

I decided I needed a really lunch (froyo didn’t cut it) so I got myself a green smoothie!  Yes, there was a stand at the food hall that sold them.  This one even had broccoli and a whole orange in it!  And was probably the best green smoothie I’ve ever tasted.  It also had spinach and rose hip – so I have no idea how to recreate this one,  but it was such a good balance of flavors!

I also snacked on the fruit, nuts, and other things that I brought along – and pretty much finished them all.  I eat a lot, apparently.  I got breakfast at the hostel one day as well, where they had fantastic freshly baked breads – I definitely had a few too many carb-y treats, which has left me with a serious sugar craving these past few days.  But, I made sure to keep eating tons of veggies, so as not feel completely sick to my stomach by the end of the trip.

How does your veggie intake change when you travel?

Best thing you ate today?


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9 thoughts on “Copenhagen, the FOOD! [WIAW}

  1. Rach @ Lessons by Rach

    Wow it looks like you did a fantastic job getting in some good, healthy eats during your trip! I remember when I was traveling around Spain during my study abroad that it was really tough to find good veggie-filled dishes- mostly because the cuisine there is heavy on the meat and carbs. I’m so glad you enjoyed your weekend! Can’t wait to read more about your trip!
    Rach @ Lessons by Rach recently posted..Forgiving MyselfMy Profile

  2. Kat @ a dash of fairydust

    I am so jealous you’ve been to Denmark! I’ve been there,too a few years ago and it was beautiful! We had reserved a holiday house near the coast. I absolutely loved the landscape! :)
    Anyways,what I also loved about Denmark were the bakery treats… Like that cinnamon roll you had! 😛 But I agree,after eating something like that,one reeeeaaaally needs some veggies… At least I am always craving some after such a sugar-y treat!
    Kat @ a dash of fairydust recently posted..I [cry]. I [try].My Profile

    1. Rachel Post author

      It feels weird to do in other countries, but I always order them as well, Tara! I find it’s always a big enough portion, and not to heavy on the oils and unhealthy stuff.


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