Copenhagen Sights: Part II

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Happy National Pancake Day! Mardi Gras! Fat Tuesday! Sticky Bun Day!  Every country seems to have its own tradition – in Sweden it’s semla day, where everyone eats a semla.


It’s a bun filled with almond paste and whipped cream.  They looked delicious, but unfortunately, I did not partake in the tradition.

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Back to the real purpose of this post – more sights from Copenhagen!

IMG 4212

So, a friend told me that bikes get stolen all the time.  I guess my tour guide lied? or was oblivious?

IMG 4215

Things you see in a hostel.

IMG 4216

Herring is a specialty, there’s even a whole restaurant for it!  Again, I did not eat any, but thought I’d mention it.

IMG 4218

After a bit of wandering, I headed out for a hop-on-hop-off boat tour of the harbor area! We took the boat/bus through the ice.  The day was rather cold and wet, but it was really cool going through the ice in the partially frozen waters.

IMG 4220

I’m always surprised when photos come out the way I like.  I hardly consider myself a photographer.

IMG 4229

Frozen waters.

IMG 4244

Can you guess what the little statue is?

IMG 4246

The little mermaid!  Luckily I had no expectations for seeing her – if I had, I would have been thoroughly disappointed.

IMG 4249

I’m standing about 20 feet in front of the statue.  Another person that kind of sucks at taking touristy photos…

IMG 4257

This fountain was way more impressive.

IMG 4271

Canal in Christianshavn across from the city center.  Christianshavn is a completely artificial island!

IMG 4274

The stairway to heaven. (that’s a light bulb, not the sun.  it was about 6pm at this point)

IMG 4276

That’s unfortunate.

We also went through Christiania, but they don’t allow pictures inside the ‘town’.  Plus, it was dark by that point, so I didn’t get a good shot of even the entrance.

IMG 4286

Stopped by the Rundetaarn (round tower), but wasn’t in the mood to visit a library and observatory, so I didn’t go in.  I was more interested in my next destination.


IMG 4292

Nope, that’s not it.

IMG 4297

There we go! I spent a good 2 hours learning about Danish history, starting with prehistoric times.  I’m not usually much of a museum person (I prefer sights & architecture) but I quite enjoyed this one.

IMG 4310

I set out to wander again, found myself at Ørstedsparken.  Gorgeous even on a gray day.  I’d run here if I lived in Cph.

IMG 4313

Mastered the self-portrait!  Also apparently I have a lazy eye.  In most photos.

IMG 4326

Leave it to me to just stumble on foodie heaven – an indoor market, called Torvehallerne (looked it up later, of course).  I could have spent hours just wandering this place.

IMG 4328

Tons of stalls selling candy & chocolate

IMG 4334

IMG 4336

Fruit, nuts, homemade candies.

IMG 4337

And holy crap I found froyo! The tart kind!  I just about squealed and jumped for joy – but held myself together in the end.

IMG 4339

Salted licorice is a huge thing there.  They were giving out samples of licorice covered almonds – and I actually liked it!  It’s a weird thing, and most people hate it, especially foreigners – the vendor was impressed.

IMG 4343


IMG 4359

Headed back when I got to the Nørreport area.

IMG 4361

At the station.  I’m a bit too fascinated with pictures of bikes.  No idea why.

IMG 4366

Made it back to the hostel, in time to say goodbye, and head off to the airport.  Only to find that my flight was delayed at least an hour.

IMG 4377

At least there was some good shopping!  Seriously, this airport is practially a mall.

IMG 4379

I sampled a few more bites of salty licorice.

IMG 4382

Oh, and of all places to find a starbucks in Scandinavia? In the airport…

Finally got on the plane.  After landing, it then took about 2 hours to get back to my place from the airport in Stockholm.  Six hours later, finally made it.

Fantastic trip – I highly recommend a visit if you have a chance.

What kinds of places do you often ‘happen’ upon when you travel?

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