Copenhagan Sights: Part I

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Too many people are asking me if I took photos in Copenhagen – of course I did! Only about 100 pictures a day, which is a lot for me, but not for most people.  Most of my travel photos don’t usually come out, but quite a few of them did this time.

I could ramble forever about this trip, but I’m much better at telling stories through the pictures.

Copenhagen 17 20

I left my Stockholm apartment at 5am.  It was early, dark and cold, but it takes over an hour to get to the airport by public transit!

IMG 4080

gorgeous clouds from the plane!

IMG 4084

Frozen Sea!

Copenhagen 17 19

I got to the hostel at about 10am, checked into my bed – in a female only room  It was a really nice hostel! Super clean, new, and cozy.  It was great to hang out in the hostel bar and lounge.  I met some pretty cool people from all over the world.

IMG 4096

I headed out to the streets, starting with a stroll down the Strøget – the world’s longest pedestrian shopping street.

IMG 4100

IMG 4103

IMG 4106

Bicycles are everywhere! Copenhagen is a biking city – everyone has one, nobody locks them up, and nobody steals them.

IMG 4114

Mmm famous Danish bakery – teaser!

IMG 4116

Made my way to town hall for a free walking tour.

IMG 4126

Justice building.

IMG 4134


IMG 4139

Bishop Absalom statue.

IMG 4142

Where Hans Christian Anderson lived for part of his life!  It’s now a super fancy department store.

IMG 4149

Memorial for Danish naval soldiers in WW2 at Nyhavn, Kongens Nytorv (King’s New Square) behind me.  The guy who took this is really bad at taking tourist photos.  And please excuse the ridiculous hair – it was quite windy.

IMG 4152


IMG 4158

IMG 4161

I thought the frozen canals were so cool!

IMG 4169

Royal palace at Amalienborg – this is one of four identical buildings in the square where the royals live.

IMG 4173

At the center of Amalienborg.

IMG 4172

The guards are super fashionable, of course.

IMG 4184

Of course, I couldn’t help wander around the markets and stores.  The foodie things always catch my eye.  Especially chocolate.

IMG 4187

I love samples!  Cocoa almond and dark chocolate square. Yum!

IMG 4190

Bread in Denmark is fantastic – and everywhere.  It’s good quality too, and tastes like real food – not over processed.

IMG 4102

This is a street cart.  My wallet would die here if I lived in Cph.  Thank goodness I had just eaten when I walked by!

IMG 4194

Otherwise these giant walnut-almond-hazelnut stuffed dates would have called my name.

IMG 4195

So many people here – in Sweden as well – have one of these backpacks!  I don’t even know what product to compare it to in the US.  But literally every other person has one.  They are pretty awesome, but cost somewhere around $60.

IMG 4198

Authentic Danish pastries. I died.  Teasing again – the food is getting its own post!

IMG 4199

Such good bread.

IMG 4201

This store was my favorite!  I love these funky, piece-y dresses and jackets.

…and stay tuned for part II tomorrow!  I could go on, but then this post would turn into an epic,

Have you ever been to Copenhagen?

What was your favorite thing to see?

Or if you haven’t been, what would you be sure to visit?

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5 thoughts on “Copenhagan Sights: Part I

  1. Hannah@mindrunningwild

    100 pictures is about what I get up to as well. Since I only have a regular digital camera. I’m so glad you had fun though!!
    I’m glad someone else knows getting to the airport troubles! I had to leave my flat in London at 4am to get to Heathrow for my 7am flight! woosh. also loving the wind hair. I get it too. Must be….awesome people hair? food always gets its own post. understandably 😉 can’t wait!
    Hannah@mindrunningwild recently posted..Just a Little MisunderstoodMy Profile

  2. Turtle-speed Runner

    Wow! I’ve never seen a frozen ocean before. It probably sounds silly but I always wondered what happens to the ocean when it snows haha… since I’ve always lived in a cold climate.
    The hostel looks really nice! I’ve mostly stayed in gross dingy ones.
    And the food… mmmmmmm….
    Turtle-speed Runner recently posted..Random ThingsMy Profile


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