Denmark for the Weekend – No Big Deal

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So, by the time this is posted (I’m trying out this post scheduling thing, not sure how well it will work…) I’ll be in Copenhagen for the Weekend!  It’s crazy how close I am to all these fantastic cities.  My European friends think it’s even crazier that I’m just traveling there for a weekend.  A one hour plane ride is not a short distance to them.  But, having traveled across the ocean to live in Stockholm, I’ll never be so close to these places again.

IMG 4062

creamy, eggy, cinnamon vanilla oatmeal this morning. flax, pb, raisins. sweetly simple

My flight leaves early (8:30am) Friday morning, and lands in Copenhagen around 10am or so.  I’m taking public transport to the airport, so I’m leaving my place around 5:15am.  And of course, I can’t sleep.

IMG 4064

I love this. Also, it's coffee from a supermarket - I have yet to have a *bad* coffee here.

But anyway – I’m staying in a hostel for two nights, planning to do as many tourist-y sight-seeing things as I can without paying too much.  I also have another friend from Stockholm who happened to plan her trip to Copenhagen at the same time – so hopefully we’ll meet up some time.  I’m excited.

IMG 4067

veggie pre-departure meal. all roasted from frozen. all yum.

I really like that most of the “things to see” in Copenhagen are all so close, and are within walking distance.  And when traveling, to save money (and throw in a little exercise), I’ll walk up to 30 minutes at a fast-ish pace to get between places.  And hey, it isn’t as cold as Stockholm!  I’m also bringing my gym boss interval timer, for when I want to do a quick sweat-session at the hostel.

IMG 4068

the best way to make hot chocolate. seriously - find these sticks. dark chocolate + soymilk.

I’m trying to spend as little money as possible, without compromising my experience. I have my travel plans set (public transport is easy there, and I have a Stockholm monthly pass).  The thing that tends to get me spending too much money on a trip is always food – especially snacks.  I often let myself get too hungry and impulse buy a not-so-healthy, expensive, and unsatisfying snack.  Since I’ve heard that Copenhagen in even more expensive than Stockholm, I’m coming prepared.  Check it out:

IMG 4069

This is basically cleaning of the contents of my pantry.  Lots of fruit (fresh and some raisins), nuts, seeds, and rice crackers for snacking.  I also packed some dried oatmeal mix, buckwheat, and lentils if I choose to cook a cheap meal at the hostel.  Although I know they offer breakfast pretty cheap, I’ll have to see what it is before I decide to buy.

I’m not bringing my laptop, but I’ll have internet on my smart phone – so follow me on twitter to keep up with my adventures!

Have any budget travel strategies to share?

So excited ahh!

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