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Happy Friday!  This week has been much of the same – falling into routine, etc.  So, today’s post is one of those ‘I have nothing to say, but lots of pictures to show’ posts.  Without further ado:

IMG 3849

I had some money left in my budget, and was dying to get my hands on some health foodie things.  Success!  And all of this only cost me about $35 – and it’s all good stuff, too.

IMG 3851

Specifically this guy.  Cayenne chocolate is one of my ultimate favorite combos.  Like these cookies.

IMG 3864

This street is called Kungsgatan, in the more ‘upscale’ part of the city.  The lights remind me of NYC during the holidays.

IMG 3887

Okay, so this picture is terrible, but I’m trying to get better at taking ‘artsy travel photos’ – it’s hard!  I try my best to capture the amazing, cool-looking things I see every day, but the pictures never come out the way I imagine.

IMG 3891

Mmm breakfast!  Vanilla cinnamon oats, with banana, tahini and sunflower seeds.  I have no idea what it is, but this tahini I found is amazing – not totally smooth, *only* sesames and sea salt, and so flavorful!  And it was the cheaper one, too.

IMG 3893

Again, I’m working on the artsy photo thing.  This is on my walk to campus/the metro station.  It is now real winter here (read: high of 18F, grey, and snowy).  This blanket of snow has been building up over the past week, and I love it! None of that disgusting slushy stuff.

IMG 3899

I did a little shopping in the city center today.  This was supposed to be another one of those artsy photos.  No cigar.

IMG 3889

I’m on a serious roll with salad beasts lately!  But they’re great when I want food and want it now.  As much as I like to cook, when I’m hungry I don’t like to wait.  This combo had spring lettuce mix, peppers, roasted brussels sprouts, cucumber (hidden) two eggs with runny yolks (so good on salads!) and more creamy healthy dressing.

Well, for not having anything to say, I certainly wrote enough.  Happy weekend!

What do you do with extra money in your food budget?

Do you have any references or advice on how to take artsy travel photos? Please, do share!

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8 thoughts on “Extras

    1. Rachel Post author

      I now consider tahini part of my nut butter collection – so good, you have to try it (get the jarred kind for nutbutter quality)! And if you like cayenne and chocolate, I *highly* suggest you make those Isa Chandra cookies! I think I linked to them somewhere in the post.

  1. Jessica

    Mmmm….I LOVE Tahini butter, but I haven’t had it in so long! Seeing your breakfast totally sparked a craving…I have to pick a jar up next time I’m grocery shopping!


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