Home Cookin’

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Hello from Stockholm!  I’m sitting here in my dorm room finishing some breakfast (it’s 9am here).  So far everything has gone really well, but I’ll get more into that later.

I have a few more things from home (Chicago) to share!

On my way home from the secretary of State office (new 21+ ID!), I stopped for a quick lunch at Protein Bar.  They have lots of healthy, high protein meals, made with real food!

IMG 3672

Green juice and quinoa chili bowl for me.

More snuggle-puppy time!

IMG 3675

I miss this already.

I am now the proud owner of this baby!

IMG 3684

It really is fantastic for travel.  I did not take a single real book with me, and it saved me so much space and trouble.

Brunch with high school friends, at Toast.  Unfortunately I had just come back from a 5.5 mile run and ate a big breakfast right after, so I wasn’t super hungry for brunch.

IMG 3687

But the baby spinach & beet salad I got was delicious!  They had really good coffee, too – I definitely overdid the caffeine that day.

IMG 3688

One of my friends got their signature stuffed french toast! One strawberry, one mascarpone, one chocolate.  The mascarpone was the best.

It snowed in chicago!

IMG 3692

This is nothing compared to what we usually get.  Sad winter.

Cooking with Mom!  Definitely going to miss that.

IMG 3695

On the menu – kale and pumpkin seed risotto, roasted fennel and squash.  the squash was frozen to start, and I definitely didn’t cook it enough.  Sad day.  But the rest was fantastic!

IMG 3697

Snow at night.

Then, for my last night at home, we had some family over for a lovely dinner.  Mom and I cooked, again.

IMG 3702

Nice big salad, with whole foods fennel and artichoke salad mixed in.

IMG 3704

Toppings for the main meal…

IMG 3707

Mexican hot chocolate snicker doodles for dessert. And…

IMG 3714

And for dinner – red wine and chocolate-chip black bean chili (veg)!  We used this recipe, one of many that my mom had in her collection of chili recipes.  It was delicious! Seriously, the chocolate adds a really great flavor element.

IMG 3715

Topped with greek yogurt (and a little cheese) for me.  Greek yogurt = healthier, tastier alternative to sour cream.

Now, I’m off to run around Stockholm city to register for my classes!

Do cook with your parents at home?

Favorite chili recipe?


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10 thoughts on “Home Cookin’

  1. Ashley Pomes

    That is great you made it to Stockholm all safe and sound. Enjoy your time there :) That chilly looks so delicious and perfect for the cold winter days ahead. I love cooking with my parents, mom mostly but when I was younger I would cook some things like homemade pizza with my dad :)
    Ashley Pomes recently posted..Weekend UpdateMy Profile


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