She Still Works Out?

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I can’t even remember the last time I wrote about my workouts/fitness.  Why? I guess it’s less of an obsession and more a part of daily life – and I’m actually grateful for that.  I long for the day when food is not constantly on my mind, when I can go about my day without “what am I going to eat next” constantly running through my mind.  But I digress.  This post is about fitness, right?

Right.  So, I have a way of finding myself in plateaus – I reach a certain point with my strength and such, and can never break out of it.  I know I can push harder, I know I can go farther.  I have decided to try something new.

Workout tracking.

I have a dedicated journal only for workouts – what I did, how hard it was, how I felt during and after, etc.  This will help me with a few things:

  • changing it up  – a big problem of mine is getting into workout ruts.  I do the same classes and exercises over and over, and my body gets used to it.  Must keep challenging myself!
  • not overdoing it – I have a tendency to go too far some times, and not take enough rest/easy days.  The journal makes me feel that I am still fit, that I deserve those rest days.
  • pushing harder – I can see what weight I lifted, how far I ran, etc, and go just a little bit harder the next time.

I’m only a week and a half in, but so far I have done a good job of doing something different each day.  I am still not entirely sure what works for me when it comes to maintaining strength and endurance levels.  I tend to fluctuate a lot from week to week, and I’d like to see what could possibly prompt these changes.  I’m incorporating lots of different things -some new- into my weekly regimen:

  • yoga – I need to learn how to relax. big time.  my biggest problem in almost any sport/activity is that I am too tense or too rigid.
  • heavy lifting – lifting little 5 lb weights won’t help me get stronger
  • interval training – I get bored with hours of cardio, but I love how it feels.  Higher intensity, less time.
  • bodyweight & plyometrics – mostly in the form of workouts from
  • TRX – my gym has suspension training straps, and holy crap these are hard.
  • stability – isometric training and work on the stability ball. also, pilates.
  • dance – it’s been almost a month since I took a dance class other than Zumba.  I need to get back to it.  Dance just makes me feel good and strong.
  • everything else – circuits, running, elliptical, core, workout videos, etc.

[[Can you tell I like lists?]]

The past few weeks have been something like this:  3 days running – 1 interval, 1 speed, 1 distance.  Abs & core 3x/week, 2-3 days strength (upper and lower body) , and 1-2 rest/stretch days.  I usually do strength workouts on easy cardio days, and switch up when I do core – or I’ll include core work in my strength circuits.

So there we have it.  While I’d like to keep posting about my workouts, I have a feeling that it will be put on the back burner for a while with all the traveling and transitioning I’m about to do.  Plus, realistically, I’m much more likely to just take pictures of things/food and let those drive the posts.  And I typically don’t take pictures of workout-related things.

We shall see when the next fitness post shows up. Maybe in another month?

I’m going to a yoga class tomorrow (thursday) morning.  While I have done a lot of at-home yoga, guided by podcasts and videos, this will be the first class I attend in who knows how long.  After my 4 days in a row of higher intensity workouts, I’m forcing myself to take it easy for a day.  As much as I would love to do more strength training, I have a sinking feeling that is a bad idea. Yoga it is.

Do you track your fitness?

Current favorite workout or fitness class?

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12 thoughts on “She Still Works Out?

  1. Jamie

    I’m similar with sometimes pushing myself too much – I love exercising so much that sometimes I need to just take a step back and give it a rest!
    I track my workouts on dailymile. My favorite workout class is bootcamp! We get to do such a variety of exercises and everyone there is like a little gym family. :) Zumba is fun too but I haven’t had time to go in forever.

    By the way, I’m new to your blog – came over from Hollie’s!

    1. Rachel Post author

      I agree, Rachel – scheduling makes a world of difference! I’m not a huge fan of spinning, I get bored sometimes, but it is definitely a fantastic workout.

  2. Karina

    one of my new year’s goals is to take more rest days. i have this bad mentality that if i work out it has to be all effort the whole time. i used to workout like this 6 days a week and was always pretty tired the rest of the day (gee wonder why?) haha so now i’m getting 2 rest days and 5 quality workouts. so far its been working great! i feel stronger and have more energy now :)
    Karina recently posted..Quesadilla Press Time!My Profile

  3. Tessa at Amazing Asset

    Great job with the tracking Rachel! I have an idea of what I am going to be doing each day, but the plan is never set in stone. I track for the sake of not pushing myself too hard, or lifting two days in a row because that is just not beneficial for my body.
    I am currently loving ZUMBAAAA which is just so weird for me, but I am enjoying it!
    Tessa at Amazing Asset recently posted..Long Overdue- Blog TalkMy Profile

  4. lau

    I keep a track of my workouts.

    My favorite is yoga because I feel I’m growing up. The benefits are more about relaxing, focusing …
    And I love weight lifting !


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