Last of the Wild

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So I have about fortysevenbillion (okay maybe 2 or 3) posts that I want to write at this moment.  The ski trip posts were interrupted by the New Year’s post (love the awesome comments, thanks!)  Now that I’m home, the semester is over and my school-brain is off, I have a bit of extra time to myself.  The self-reflection part of my mind is running wild, and I can’t keep up.  I’m hoping to get as much on the blog and out of my head before I leave for Sweden.

[[ In other (totally unrelated) news: ELD has a Facebook page! and my 21st birthday is on Sunday! And I go to Stockholm in less than two weeks! ]]

Now, the real stuff (beware, it’s long).  The last few days of the ski trip were easily among the best.  We got 10 inches of new snow in the later half of the week!  Overall, the conditions weren’t great this year, but it’s always good fun.

We also had the best restaurant meal of the trip – by a unanimous vote, Mom, Dad, sister and I all agreed!  It’s one of the newer (2 or 3 years old) restaurants in town, Rickshaw, and we’ve gone every year since it opened.

IMG 3519

They serve creative, Asian-fusion, street food inspired, small plates.  I love restaurants like this – we get to try so many things without stuffing ourselves silly. (ALL plates were shared)

IMG 3526

Started with the green papaya salad. Crunchy, light and refreshing.

IMG 3527

Lemon grass fish-pops. Not a favorite, but still really delicious.

IMG 3528

Baby bok choy!  So simple, one of my favorite veggies.

IMG 3529

Chicken pearl balls.  Not as good as we remembered them, but again, totally worth it. Warm and comforting.

IMG 3530

Fried calamari.  Again, super simple, eaten with a just splash of lime (they had such fresh limes!), I didn’t need the sauce.

IMG 3532

Washed down with a bit of cold unfiltered Sake. In a tiny glass. I love small dishes.

IMG 3533

Cashew-hoisin shrimp.  Everything comes in fours – it was perfect for our family!

IMG 3534

Tikka chicken served on warm roti with veggie slaws in a fantastic yogurt sauce.  One of my favorites of the night.

IMG 3535

And the best thing – dessert! Fried wantons stuffed with mashed banana and coconut, dusted with powdered sugar, and served with and amazing locally made double chocolate ice cream. (note, again comes in fours! but we actually ordered two of these…)  This is something I’d want to recreate – only not deep-fried.

IMG 3537

To finish off the meal, they bring a bottle of aniseed (candied and plain) – to kickstart that digestion!  I have a serious soft spot for Asian restaurants.  They’re one of the few I can be truly happy at without a plateful of vegetables.  Rickshaw = ultimate win.

By the last few days, the sun appeared again! It is Sun Valley, after all.

IMG 3541

Can you tell I’m excited?

IMG 3549

On the mountain, stopping mid-run for a photo-op!  The day was just too gorgeous not to.  There are so many other beautiful views from this mountain, but so much of it was still closed due to lack of snow.

IMG 3553

More salad beasts for lunch – giant pile of spinach with the works! Skiing seriously kicked up my appetite.  I was hungrier at mealtimes, as I did not really get the opportunity to snack in between.  This was great for meals – I got to enjoy much bigger meals.  But it also meant that by the time lunch or dinner rolled around I was about ready to chew off my own arm.  Also, that smoked (poached, maybe?) salmon was fantastic.

IMG 3554

Tea in the lodge – I called it quits a little early the last day.  Wasn’t feeling all that great, energy was low – somehow everyone in the family got this not-so-fun cold.

IMG 3568

Goodbye Bald Mountain!

IMG 3573

The amazing ice cream we had with our dessert at Rickshaw. So good we went to the store and bought a pint!  (Note, it’s organic!)

IMG 3582

The sister doesn’t want to leave the gorgeous sun.

IMG 3591

Neither did I.

IMG 3586

We do photo-shoots in the car.  This was the only good, normal one – I’ll spare you the weirdness.

After about 2.5 hours, we got to Boise, where we fly out of.  Just in time for dinner!

IMG 3609

After years of going to the same restaurant, we decided to try something new – a restaurant called Fork.  Everything they serve is local, nothing is pre-made, and they’re super eco-friendly!

IMG 3610

Love seeing these kinds of things.

IMG 3613

Started with a grilled artichoke to share.  Even better than the one we had earlier in the week.

IMG 3616

I started with the 8th street salad – butter leaf lettuce, radishes, herbs, and a citronette dressing.  One of the most amazing salads I’ve had. Ever.  I forgot to ask how they made that dressing!

IMG 3617

Okay, I know the place is called Fork, but really waiter? Two forks and no knife?

IMG 3620

I guess I’ll take it.

IMG 3621

For my dinner I got the lettuce wraps with grilled cod and filo crumbles, with a ginger-miso sauce.  This was actually an appetizer.  One of my favorite things to do lately is order a salad and an appetizer for dinner.  The portions are generally smaller, but paired with a good salad make the perfect meal.

We got up the next morning at an un-godly hour (5:45am – hey, I’m a college student) to catch our 7:45am flight home.

IMG 3625

Oatmeal at the airport!  The Boise airport is seriously lacking in breakfast options.  They have really good egg sandwiches, or Moxie Java cafes (I think there are 3 in one terminal?) with standard pastries, etc.  I knew this ahead of time, so I brought some things with me.  I asked for a cup of hot water and mixed in some oats, chia seeds, sun warrior, banana, and crumbled half a (vanilla almond) luna bar on top.  Tasty and filling, with serious staying power.

Now I am home in (chilly) Chicago.  I have a bit of time to gather myself before shipping off to Europe.  The reality of it all still hasn’t set in.

Do you enjoy small-plate (tapas style) restaurants?

Thoughts on airport food? Do you bring your own?

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3 thoughts on “Last of the Wild

  1. Tara

    SO. MUCH. GOOD. FOOD. That dessert sounds epic!! I bet you could make a healthy version of that for breakfast!! Oh my gosh, that would be heavenly! I LOVE candied aniseed – I need to find a place to buy it outside of all the indian restaurants!
    Tara recently posted..WIAW in NYCMy Profile

  2. Rachel (tea and chocolate)

    Awesome food! I kind of want that ice cream right now. Airport food doesn’t seem to awful, but airline food is another story. One time I was served pasta, crackers, cookies, a roll, and chex mix all in one meal. Way too many carbs for my taste.
    I’m glad you’re home safe and sound! Enjoy the rest of your break. :)
    Rachel (tea and chocolate) recently posted..Cold Drink, Warm HeartMy Profile


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