I Prefer ‘See You Soon’

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I’m now writing this from my home in Chicago.

I survived finals.

I left New York City, and I won’t be back for at least 6 months.

While I’m super excited for what the next few weeks/months have to offer, it’s always sad to leave home.  Yes, NYC is my second home, and this week I had to say my goodbyes to so many good friends and family.  But goodbyes imply permanence, so I call them ‘seeyousoons’. I will be back, and it will be glorious.

Of course, many of them were said over food and drink – I would have it no other way.

I didn’t snap a picture (family time was more important), but the other night I went over to my Aunt & Uncle’s place for a delicious homemade dinner.  Lasagna with eggplant and kale, and a gigantic, gorgeous fresh salad.  I’m going to miss dinners at their place!  I brought over some of my homemade treats, as well :-)

Sunday, I went to my last dance class.  I know this may seem a bit strange, but there are a handful of us that go to every class, and have gotten to know our teacher and each other.  After class, they took me to Le Pain Quotidien for some food and friendly chatter.  I’m going to miss them all, and the class!  My teacher also bought me this:

IMG 3377

Four little MB truffles. Made me smile, and were gone within the day.

Monday, I went to lunch with a friend of mine from kindergarden (longest friendship, we coincidentally ended up at the same college!).  We went to MudSpot for some amazing coffee and food.  I got the winter blueberry salad with cabbage, goat cheese, mint, and toasted almonds.  It was indeed wintry and delicious.

IMG 3386

That night, I got to see my lovely friend Erin!  She happened to be in town for a few days (she travels everywhere, all the time!) so I got to see her for a few hours before we go our separate ways for a little while.  We got our favorite NYC treat – froyo from 16 Handles.

IMG 3388

Pumpkin and eurotart yogurt with dark chocolate raspberry truffles, banana & peanut butter. A much smaller portion than usual, I was proud of myself for that one.

Last night was my last in the city.  So unfortunately I had to spend the morning getting this all done:

IMG 3393

And getting this (and more!) all home:

IMG 3391

I seriously need to downsize my wardrobe. I took my last exam (done for the semester!) I said some seeyousoons to my friends in my major, and made sure everything was ready to go.

After, I went for my last NYC meal with one of my roommates (and best friends).  Whole foods brown box!  She filled hers with roasted butternut squash – I’ve created another squash addict!

And I filled my with some greens, squash, eggplant, and a bit of grilled chicken salad.

IMG 3395

Bad picture, lots of yum.  This I will seriously miss.

Now I’m off to finish packing for me ski trip! We’re flying out tonight, but more on that later.  Also, Happy Chanukkah to all my fellow Jews!  It’s already the third night, but I’ve been a little preoccupied.

Are you good with goodbyes? I’m not a fan, but good food always makes things better.

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