Eat Clean, Stay Sane (WIAW)

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It’s the holiday season. It’s final’s week.  I’m moving out in less than 48 hours. Basically things are a little crazy around here.  I know myself well enough to know I’m not going to be able to pass up the sweet treats.  For the past week at least, I have had MORE than my fair share of chocolates, cookies, and sugary lattes – the most likely offenders.

In the past, I would kick myself everyday for every little treat I ate.  The extreme made me feel horrible, so I ate more – it’s a vicious cycle.  This year, I’m going at it from a totally different angle. I know I’m going to overdo it on the sugar – so first, I’m going to make it count. How?

  • if don’t I absolutely love a treat after one bite, don’t finish it
  • stick with home-made, or things I would not make myself
  • grocery store-bought = not worth it
  • find the darkest, cleanest chocolate, it keeps me from going overboard.

And last – don’t dwell on the past!  What’s done is done, no reason to feel guilty about it.  Much easier said, but I’m going for it.

The second thing I’m focusing on this holiday season – nutrition.  Whole, real foods.  Especially during when I’m changing locations or going on a trip somewhere, I get thrown off.  I feed the vicious cycle.  I feel awful, and it takes at least a week to get back to where I want to be.  And you know what? I’m tired of it.  I hate the ups and downs.  I hate throwing away all the fantastic, healthy lifestyle changes I’ve made just for the holidays.

So that’s exactly what I’ve been doing.  I know I’m going to have more than my share of treats – so I’m trying my hardest to tip the scale in the other direction, by getting the best raw energy from real foods.  So here are some of the delicious, whole meals I have enjoyed:


IMG 3260

Banana, tahini and hemp seeds.  It’s a lighter breakfast, but keeps me full for quite a while without weighing me down.  I owe this idea 100% to the twins.

IMG 3265

Simple oats with banana, apple, cinnamon and a dot of sun butter.  Right now, simplicity > crazy toppings and combinations.

IMG 3360

Wakame seaweed salads (as a side) with rice vinegar, hemp seed, miso paste, and a touch of oil.

IMG 3372

Acorn squash with cinnamon, kale and egg scramble, seasoned with a little S&P.

IMG 3379

Balsamic roasted kale & brussels sprouts with nutritional yeast.  Sweet potato with sesame/miso lentils.  I’ve had this at least twice in the past three days.  It also helps that I’m trying to get rid of all my food supplies – hence, repeated meals.

IMG 3385

super-green smoothies.  Pumpkin, banana, sunwarrior, kale, spirulina, almond milk.  I never get sick of these.

IMG 3389

Kale salad – massaged with avocado and ACV, with nooch, lentils and a sprinkling of chia seeds – for extra calcium and omegas!

2011 12 13 15 23 55

Green juice!  This one (pressed, amazing!) is from Juice Generation in the West Village.

2011 12 20 21 22 33

And big plates of roasted kabocha.  I seriously cannot understand how this squash is so much better in flavor and texture than so many other varieties.

Do you try to ‘eat clean’ during stressful times?

Best thing you’ve eaten this week? Do tell!

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23 thoughts on “Eat Clean, Stay Sane (WIAW)

  1. Allison (Allison's Delicious Life)

    I am totally the same way. I learned my lesson after Thanksgiving that it’s NOT worth it. I’m going to try to maintain balance and stay relatively healthy over this holiday. Indulgence is fun and I will indulge, but not to the point of making myself sick.

    I love the ideas you’ve included here!
    Allison (Allison’s Delicious Life) recently posted..Holiday PotluckMy Profile

  2. Eleanor@Eatinglikeahorse

    Ooh, it sounds mad, hope things are calming down for you!
    I agree; it’s so hard to resist the junk at this time of year; there’s a table full of sweets and chocolate at work, my mum makes enough to feed an army… and I’ve got no willpower! I think your attitude is brilliant; I’ll try to keep that in mind at the weekend… last year, I ate most of a tray of fudge over three days and I do NOT want to do anything like that again :-)
    Eleanor@Eatinglikeahorse recently posted..In the bleak midwinterMy Profile

  3. Tessa at Amazing Asset

    Ahh this certainly is a crazy time for you, I am wish you the very best for the end of the semester of course!
    And I really like your plan for staying sane but practical during this time of the year. Indulging is great, but it can make you feel really crappy. However, restricting sucks too… so have to find the balance and be okay with it! I like the last one too, what is done is done… no need to dwell and feel guilty!
    Tessa at Amazing Asset recently posted..WIAW- Conquering Fear Foods EditionMy Profile

  4. Mattie @ Comfy and Confident

    I love the title to this post. It is so true! As much as I love indulging and oh I do, I always feel so terrible and regret it after. The second I finish eating the sweats, I wish I didn’t. I have not done a good job so far. But, I still have the rest of the week and the weekend will be the true challenge. I really want to end this vicious cycle. I am glad I’m not along and Thanks for the tips!

  5. Kate

    Great tips! I really struggle with eating around the holidays. I beat myself up over every treat, but I end up WAY overeating because I figure that I “messed up” the day and so it’s okay to eat everything in sight. I’m going to keep your tips in mind!
    Kate recently posted..Holiday SurveyMy Profile

  6. Rachel (tea and chocolate)

    I like your approach to staying healthy this season. It’s easy to overindulge this time of year with parties every other day and treats everywhere. I think the holidays means some indulgence, but it’s not worth it when it’s overdone.
    I’m now craving nutritional yeast. How odd.
    Rachel (tea and chocolate) recently posted..Thai Pumpkin Curry SoupMy Profile

  7. Pure2raw twins

    yay!!! so glad you enjoyed that breakfast combo :)
    and love your way of thinking! and yes we try to do our best to eat clean and stay true to our typical diet during stressful times, but do allow for ‘fun’ meals too! :) it is all about a little balance to keep it all sane!


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