WILL (What I’m loving lately)

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So, not much has happened on the discovery side of things lately (I blame school, as always) so I thought I’d do another installment of things I’m loving lately.  Foodie things of course!

1. Squash, of all kinds

IMG 3050

Squash has been great for my crazy sweet tooth and appetite.  There have been many days when I have an insatiable appetite, and I often turn to squash for a healthy, nutritious, filling snack.

2. Chocolate.

IMG 3054

I am my mother’s daughter.  Frozen chocolate chips to calm that chocoholic.  I try to avoid this in favor or lower sugar options, but sometimes that doesn’t happen.

IMG 3055

This is my absolute favorite super dark chocolate.  I only need like one or two little squares to calm that craving.  And it supports a great cause (it’s vegan, too, of course)

3. Seasonal tea

IMG 3060

First candy cane green tea, and now this.  This stuff is not very strong, but it’s all the flavor of apple cider without the sugar overload.  Yes it is weak compared to regular apple cider, but I liked it that way – it’s tea, after all :-)

4. More chocolate.

IMG 3059

This is one of Whole Foods’ drinking chocolates.  I chose the indian spice because of how much I love chai anything.  It certainly did not disappoint.

5. Nutbox Maple organic granola!

IMG 3037 1

They don’t have a ton of good organic products, but this one is a winner! It also reminded me why I can’t keep granola lying around.  Every time I tell myself I’m going to make it last, and every time I snack on it way too much.  I bought this monday, and it’s already mostly gone.  I need to start eating more substantial meals, because I’m going too much munching!  Either that or I need to find a way to hide the granola and save it for planned meals and snacks.  Plan: always eat granola from a bowl, not straight from the bag.  Let’s see how this goes.

6. Goat cream cheese

IMG 3062

I have been eating a lot of eggs lately, and have found myself wanting a creamy cheese spread to go with it.

IMG 3064

An egg sandwich condiment winner! I was looking for a slightly healthier and more easily digestible alternative to regular cream cheese, and really did not want tofutti – not a ton of nutrient in that stuff.  I nearly jumped for joy when I saw this on the shelves at TJs.

7. Intense workouts

With an all-over-the place schedule, I have to accept the fact that I don’t have a ton of time to do 40+ minutes of cardio and strength every day, as much as I would love to.  So I turn to circuits and shorter workouts.  I actually think the increase in strength training and HIIT is the reason behind my increased appetite, but I love these workouts anyway.  Here are some that I’ve done in the past few weeks:

What have you been loving lately?

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10 thoughts on “WILL (What I’m loving lately)

  1. Kiah

    There’s an apple cider tea?!? What a fabulous way to celebrate the colder weather (since it’s hard for me to get excited about in the first place, haha).


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