I Run and Discover!

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Thanks for all the support for my November Goals!  Love all readers :-)

Saturday already? This week is going by way too fast.  And I got almost nothing done yesterday, except…

IMG 2902

made me happy!

First outdoor 5 mile run! So much more fun than a treadmill.  And man, setting the treadmill at a 1.0 incline really does help.  I feel so much faster outside than in, even with the crazy Hudson River wind.

Screen Shot 2011 11 04 at 10 24 31 AM

from the online site - so I could see my pace

I’m not sure how completely accurate this app is, because the GPS on my phone is not the greatest.  It also has an auto pause feature, so it stops timing and recording when you stop running – basically every time I had to stop and wait at a light.  Afterwards, I refueled with a pumpkin pie green smoothie:

IMG 2904

pumpin, spices, banana, spirulina, sunwarrior

I know it was only a 5 mile run, but my appetite is way out of whack.  I was not hungry at all after I finished this smoothie.  Then the rest of the day I was hungry and craving sugar all day! It probably didn’t help that I spent all day in my room… not doing that again. Today is productive day.

Anyways, here are some of my latest discoveries:

1. My favorite of the Clif seasonal bars

IMG 2905


2. Full grocery re-stock for under $50!

IMG 2912

essentials and favorites. ND milks, teas, pumpkin cake mix, popcorn for snacking, canned pumpkin (i'm stocking up while they still have it!), hummus, and tortillas


IMG 2913

spaghetti squash, bananas, persimmons

Have I mentioned how much I love Trader Joe’s?

3. Fuyu Persimmons

IMG 2915

tiny and slightly over-ripe, but delicious anyways!

4. Candy Cane Green Tea.

IMG 2917

it's like a candy cane in a cup!

Seriously, if you find this at Trader Joe’s, buy it.  I’ve seen the on blogs around, and then spotted it on the Fitnessista’s site the other day, and decided to go for it.  Amazing! I’ll be lucky if it lasts me more than a week or two – but it only cost 1.99!

5. Restocking old favorites

IMG 2918

better for rushed mornings!

My go-to coffee alternative.  Just as much caffeine, with other health benefits of tea!

6. Honoring cravings never felt so good.

IMG 2919

fluffy egg (w/ 1T coconut milk), goat gouda, sprouted grain toast

I wanted egg and cheese on toast.  I made egg and cheese on toast, and that was that.  In the past I may have eaten something else to convince myself I didn’t want it, end up eating it anyway, then feel guilty for a few days.

7. Homemade trail mix > store bought.

IMG 2921

carob, cashew, almond

Super simple, and you can make as much or as little as you want!

Do you get hungry after longer runs/workouts?

What’s your latest favorite find?

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12 thoughts on “I Run and Discover!

  1. Rebecca

    I just tried the iced gingerbread Clif bars. It was good and just half was perfect for the afterschool crash. I want to try spagetti squash, I know how to make it, I just haven’t gotten one yet. Must stock up soon! I almost always get hungry after a workout or if I’m doing a lot of housework (up the stairs, down the stairs, run down the hall, carry laundry etc).
    Rebecca recently posted..WIAW: How a Graduate EatsMy Profile

  2. Tara

    Congrats on the run!! Running outside is WAY better than on the treadmill… err dreadmill. I avoid it at all costs. If you’re not sure about how accurate the distance is, you can always map it out on mapmyrun.com. I love that site!

    My favorite finds have been dried kiwi, dried strawberries, and gingerbread pita chips.

    1. Rachel Post author

      Thanks, Tara! Unfortunately, running short distances outside in NYC is not at all practical – too many stoplights and obstacles.
      Awesome new finds 😀

    1. Rachel Post author

      It’s a seasonal flavor, along with spiced pumpkin and peppermint stick.. I don’t know for how long they sell them, but I highly recommend buying them at first sight!


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