Autumn Filled WIAW

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I feel unoriginal.  The only posts I seem to have the energy to do are recaps and WIAWs.  I promise I’m still eating delicious things and keeping up with my goals and workouts and such!

Maybe I burned out doing all the blog transfer things.  Or schoolwork.  I’m hoping my blog-creativity will come back soon, this page needs a bit more life.  But in the mean time, we’ll have to make do with WIAW.  Hey, at least it’s a real, food diary WIAW! Join the party, hosted by Jenn!


warm pumpkin oats! with walnuts, carob chips


more persimmons, this time a fuyu

then came a little surprise!

i got a foodie package from OpenSky...

What could it be?!?!

a 3pack of PB! that was free with my credit!

I tasted them all (couldn’t resist!), then ate a local fuji apple (no picture) with some Avalanche – very similar to white chocolate wonderful, but less sweet.  I’m a fan.  Seriously, I love OpenSky.  They gave me a 10 dollar credit because my order was taking too long!


return of the green monster! this one was more like banana soft serve that a smoothie. creamy goodness!

I was really in the mood to make dinner… but what to cook?


…baked YAM with lentils, marinara & nooch - simple, delicious, and incredibly filling

This is a yam. NOT a sweet potato.  These have a taste and texture somewhere between white potatoes and sweet potatoes.

and to get my fresh & green, a side salad with local organic butterhead lettuce, red pepper, and a miso dressing

I think I had at least one more apple, and some spoonfuls of PB.  And probably some bites of chocolate or something.

Do you ever feel like you lose your blog/work creativity?

Best thing you’ve eaten recently?

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