WIAW all over the place.

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I love Wednesdays – because it means I get to walk around my campus of 50,000 students, and look like a total idiot taking random pictures of my food.  And nobody know the secret, the wonder that is What I Ate Wednesday! As always, a big thank you to Jenn for hosting this fantabulous link party :-)   If you haven’t yet, check out her site to see some great foodie creations from bloggers everywhere.

Eats were a little all over the place today, thanks to my silly class schedule –  I did the best I could to capture it all… i think?

IMG 2300

pumpkin spiced coffee, creamy quinoa açai bowl with cinnamon

I added some pumpkin pie spice to my coffee grounds before brewing – and I can’t believe I’ve never done this before.

IMG 2302

peanut flour / carob post-workout protein muffin

IMG 2304

mmm popcorn. this time completely plain, air popped in the microwave.

IMG 2311

dinner - beanz 'n cheeze stuffed pepper, perfectly baked!

I made a vegan cheezy filling out of mashed sweet potato,  tomatoes, nooch, lemon juice, spices, and a dash of maple syrup and bragg’s.

IMG 2312

rice cake with yogurt and raw caramel sauce - lovely dessert / after dinner snack

After seeing the recipe for this caramel sauce this morning and knowing that I had the ingredients on hand, I was dying to try it.  It’s not the typical overly sweet caramel, but it is still amazing.

IMG 2169

I finally got to try nakd bars! Ate the cocoa one today, and loved it.

[[thank you Nicky :-D]]

IMG 2314

and a few spoonfuls of this stuff. SO good - but unfortunately for any vegans out there, this does have dairy

I also had a few bites of this loaf, straight from the freezer.

Do you eat nut butter straight from the jar?

Best thing you have eaten recently?

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6 thoughts on “WIAW all over the place.

  1. Rachel (tea and chocolate)

    I like adding spice to coffee grounds. So good! And not artificial tasting like a lot of flavored coffees tend to taste. I tried those nakd bars when I was in London, and the cocoa one was my favorite!
    Nut butter out of the jar: uh YES! The best way to eat it.
    Best thing I’ve eaten recently: chocolate microwave protein cake with peanut butter. It really hit the spot this morning.

  2. Nada (One Arab Vegan)

    I love love LOVE nak’d bars! I go to uni in the UK and I’ve been away all summer, can’t wait to get my hands on some again :)
    Best thing I’ve eaten lately has got to be banana bread baked oatmeal topped with peanut butter and bananas.


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