Breaking the Mold

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For today, I could not bring myself to get this week’s discoveries together.  It’s been an off day, starting with my annual doctor’s visit, which did not put me in a good mood.  No worries, nothing horrible has happened, just dealing with a long-time issue involving hormones and the pill.  Basically I have to go back on it, which I’m not 100% thrilled about, but that’s a story for another time.

I also had to step on a scale – for the first time all summer.  It threw me off, and I remember now why I try to avoid scales as much as possible.  Regardless, I was not satisfied with the number, despite whatever good thing I’ve had going.  And I hate that the one little moment can ruin an entire day.  In an effort not to dwell on it, I’m going to Zumba tomorrow morning, and feel really good afterwards – I’m determined.

On another note, I realized just how much I needed a real rest day.  I can’t remember the last time I did a take-it-slow rest day, and I’ve probably been pushing too hard on some days.  I walked a bit, did some blog-reading and tv show watching, errands and shopping, and tried to relax.  My body better thank me for it!

Some other things to lift my low mood:

IMG 1073

yogurt drink-snack-treat thing.  it was really tasty, even plain :-)

IMG 1075

moonlight jasmine green tea flower, from a delicious lunch at the french bakery, Floriole.

IMG 1076

lunch at the french bakery.  This was supposed to be a salad, but it was delicious nonetheless.  We just have very different definitions of salad, I guess.

IMG 1078

A big ‘ole jar of Gena’s basic chia pudding.  I have to do something to use up my chia seeds before I leave town! Plus, I was again reminded by my doctor to eat my calcium every day. Oh, and it taste’s delicious as well.

I promise I’ll have discoveries again next week.  Now it’s off to get some rest before heading out to Zumba tomorrow morning.

What brings you up on a ‘down day’? Relaxing, finding something to look forward to tomorrow, and of course some good food :-)

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