Who doesn’t love friday?

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In honor of not having to work today, I spent the day on some much-needed retail therapy. That included Whole Foods, of course.  Pilates this morning was surprisingly difficult, I’m not sure what was different today.  I still felt realigned and energized afterward, so it doesn’t matter.

This week’s discoveries:

the smoothie experience is seriously enhanced by adding some crunchy grain cereal

it’s a green monster! 1 frozen banana, a packet of chocolate Spiru-tein (using these up before I open my Sun Warrior), a cup of almond milk, and a half cup of frozen spinach with some GoRaw simple granola.  I was full for hours after this.

cool-new-place discovery: New organic juice / smoothie bar Peeled, and it’s right across the street from the monstrous Whole Foods! I couldn’t resist, so I went in for a mixed veggie juice.

I got the combo called life support.  It was the perfect mix of greens, carrots, beets, apple and ginger. What’s really great about this place is that they make everything right in front of you, so no secret ingredients are hiding in your smoothie.  If you’re a juice bar fan and in chicago, I highly recommend this place.

strange discovery: KeVita… like kefir, but made of coconut water?

I like kefir, and I like coconut water, but I’m not sure about this guy. I may have to try some of the other flavors before I decide whether this works.

this-made-me-smile discovery: H&M sells organic cotton clothing and things!

That’s all I had to share on that front.

but I went to Fleet Feet and got new running shoes!

They’re Brooks brands, and aside from looking really cool, they’re made from eco-friendly materials that will eventually biodegrade.  Also, Fleet Feet is just plain amazing.  They fit for a shoe by first measuring your size, then giving you a neutral test shoe to wear.  Then you run on a treadmill at a fast jog and they videotape your feet! These ‘master fitters’ look at how you align your ankles, and from this they bring out a bunch of shoes to try.  It’s a fun process, actually :-)

Gonna go grab a couple spoonfuls of my homemade nut butter before bed…

mmm delicious.

Any big weekend plans?

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0 thoughts on “Who doesn’t love friday?

  1. Tara

    I was not a fan of the KeVita. I really wanted to like it, but it just tasted funny. My weekend comes down to studying, but I’ve been really bad about it. I shouldn’t be reading blogs right now!

    1. Rachel

      I liked the spiru-tein, especially because you can get it in a bunch of different flavors (the banana is really good) but I was looking for something soy free – just bought vanilla sun warrior actually!


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