Eat Ski Eat – Vail (One Month Late)

I’m not going to lie – vacations for me are almost always about the food.  It’s how I like to travel – going from restaurant to restaurant to little cafes, trying all the local fare.

So here we are – one month later, but I couldn’t help but still post pictures of the food and a few adventures in Vail from my little family vacation (beware – massive photo dump ahead):

sushi & japanese food at Yama:

IMG 9751 Eat Ski Eat   Vail (One Month Late)

IMG 9752 Eat Ski Eat   Vail (One Month Late)

IMG 9753 Eat Ski Eat   Vail (One Month Late)

^best dish of the night.  Colorado bass sashimi.

IMG 9754 Eat Ski Eat   Vail (One Month Late)

IMG 9755 Eat Ski Eat   Vail (One Month Late)

IMG 9757 Eat Ski Eat   Vail (One Month Late)

Hey, leetle seester.

Amazing dinner at the Larkspur.

IMG 9760 Eat Ski Eat   Vail (One Month Late)

IMG 9763 Eat Ski Eat   Vail (One Month Late)

IMG 9764 Eat Ski Eat   Vail (One Month Late)

IMG 9766 Eat Ski Eat   Vail (One Month Late)

Our yearly lentil stew – I always love this recipe.

IMG 9770 Eat Ski Eat   Vail (One Month Late)

Some cliffs we skied:

IMG 9772 Eat Ski Eat   Vail (One Month Late)

Thanks for taking me down that one, mom.

IMG 9774 Eat Ski Eat   Vail (One Month Late)

IMG 9777 Eat Ski Eat   Vail (One Month Late)

Another fantastic meal on the mountain at Game Creek Inn:

IMG 9786 Eat Ski Eat   Vail (One Month Late)

IMG 9790 Eat Ski Eat   Vail (One Month Late)

IMG 9791 Eat Ski Eat   Vail (One Month Late)

IMG 9793 Eat Ski Eat   Vail (One Month Late)

(mmm chocolate)

IMG 9795 Eat Ski Eat   Vail (One Month Late)

yup, we took a snow cat to dinner.

German lunch at Alpenrose:

IMG 9804 Eat Ski Eat   Vail (One Month Late)

IMG 9805 Eat Ski Eat   Vail (One Month Late)

IMG 9807 Eat Ski Eat   Vail (One Month Late)

Delicious fresh dinner at Montauk Seafood Grill:

IMG 9812 Eat Ski Eat   Vail (One Month Late)

IMG 9813 Eat Ski Eat   Vail (One Month Late)

IMG 9814 Eat Ski Eat   Vail (One Month Late)

Chillin’ at Blue Sky Basin:

IMG 9824 Eat Ski Eat   Vail (One Month Late)

IMG 9827 Eat Ski Eat   Vail (One Month Late)

Chili and cornbread for lunch…

20131225 121410 Eat Ski Eat   Vail (One Month Late)

I love this combo.

20131227 150547 Eat Ski Eat   Vail (One Month Late)

Mmm spicy mocha lattes.

20140102 115421 Eat Ski Eat   Vail (One Month Late)

And more chili and cornbread.

20140103 113642 Eat Ski Eat   Vail (One Month Late)

Egg sandwiches for the road

20140103 141908 Eat Ski Eat   Vail (One Month Late)

Hello, tent (aka Denver airport)

20140103 164849 Eat Ski Eat   Vail (One Month Late)

Look what I found at the airport!

20140103 165719 Eat Ski Eat   Vail (One Month Late)

Goodbye Colorado!  See you soon.

Do you eat your way through vacations?

Where was the last place you visited? What was the best meal you had there?

Just a Walk

So, it’s no secret I haven’t been working out lately.

IMG 9853 Just a Walk

But yesterday, I forced myself to take a walk. Just a walk.

No strings attached.  It wasn’t a workout, it wasn’t anything – just some time outside with good tunes, sunshine, and a slice of nature.

IMG 9839 Just a Walk

If you could still call this nature, right in the middle of one of the biggest cities in the country.  But I do.  Because it had the same effect.

IMG 9848 Just a Walk

It was strangely freeing, even though I wasn’t really disconnected (still had my phone and camera and music).  I was just out there.

IMG 9854 Just a Walk

It gave me just the right amount of motivation and energy – much like a really good workout should.

Who knows, that little walk may have inspired me to get back to real workouts ;-).

20140112 172253 Just a Walk

I got my food prep done for the week – this plus some tofu, chopped veggies, and some protein thin mints.

IMG 9860 Just a Walk

and played with my new toy! Oh I’m such a sucker for gadgets.

20140112 143036 Just a Walk

I’d say it was a pretty productive day.

Not every ‘workout’ has to make you sweat.  It could be just a walk in the park to clear your head.

Do you take walks? Do you find them relaxing?

When Life Happens

Oh hey there. Remember me?  I used to write this little blog and post pictures of food and things.  So what happened?

A whole lot of stuff.  In one word, life.  

For a while now (maybe the past year or so?), blogging has felt a bit forced.  I kept at it, because it gave me something to do.  I was unemployed, and not doing much except job searching, the occasional workout, maybe a lunch with friends, and making and eating a lot of food.  So in a way I felt I had to keep blogging.  Makes sense, right? Yeah, not so much.

Anyway, I eventually I gave in, and gave up the blogging for a while.  I needed to let life run its course and figure some things out.

First off, I GOT A JOB.

20131028 171021 When Life Happens

That’s right, I have joined the ranks of corporate america, working a 9 to 5 (kind of. it’s NYC, nobody actually works 9-5) job that I am very happy in.  It’s still kind of surreal actually, after so many hard months of (soul) searching.

IMG 9647 When Life Happens

And my parents sent me a very fitting ‘congrats on the new job’ gift.  Chocolate covered fruit beats flowers any day ;-).

Needless to say, this is the first time in my life that I am occupied for 9+ hours a day.  This new routine has definitely taken some getting used to.  And to make things even crazier on myself, I moved. Two weeks after starting my job.

20131116 192340 When Life Happens

I didn’t move far (from a sublet in the Bronx to my own place in BK), but I spent most of my free time during the first few weeks of my new job looking for apartments.  Looking for places to live in NYC is so ridiculously stressful! And I’m glad it’s over.

IMG 9673 When Life Happens

I broke another plate in the process. This makes three in the past year!  Plates don’t like me much.

20131117 154906 When Life Happens

And I finally have my own home!  Words cannot describe how happy this makes me.  I have moved so many times in the past four years (going to college halfway across the country from home, moving dorms every year, studying abroad, senior year apartment lease ending, etc).  i don’t think I’ve been in the same place for more than 9 months at a time.  So that fact that I signed a lease on an apartment – in a neighborhood I love – is a huge deal. So happy.

Shortly after, thanksgiving happened. I went home to Chicago for the week, had a lovely time, and didn’t take any pictures.

20131129 144014 When Life Happens

Well, except one of the adorable Callie-dog.  I couldn’t resist.

Before I knew it, it was December!  Which was especially weird because Hanukkah had already started (the first day was thanksgiving day) and it wasn’t even real winter yet.  While I wasn’t the best this year about lighting the candles, I certainly did my fair share of celebrating – at latke fest!

latke fest When Life Happens

I had originally planned to do a full writeup of this festival (in short – it was amazing.) but days passed, it was long past Hanukkah, and a late writeup seemed a little out of place.

I had quite a few blog posts planned in December, actually, but after a long day of work all I wanted was dinner, cozy clothes, and a few TV shows.  Not a ton of exciting meals, and no desire to blog, write, or do anything productive.

20131215 113432 When Life Happens

I tried to fit in some light movement, mostly yoga and the occasional run.  But even that fell by the wayside – lounging and doing nothing sounded far more appealing.  I found myself mentally spent after work.

Even so, I still managed to spend some time in the kitchen!

20131201 185405 Fotor Collage1 When Life Happens

(super soup to help me get over a cold, roasted veggies, baked chicken, and some treats)

Good food is definitely a priority for me, so even when I am busy or tired, I make time to cook.  It’s a stress reliever for me, and I genuinely enjoy cooking and eating healthy foods.  Even on the days when I don’t take the time to cook or make a lunch for work, I always seek out the salads.  Thank goodness the area near my offices has so many choices for fresh salads and other healthy lunches!

20131219 123942 When Life Happens

I’m going to get more into a routine of making lunches, mostly to save a bit of money.  That and I like to cook my own food – keeps things interesting.

So there you have it.  Life lately has not been terribly interesting, but blogging was put on the back burner for a bit while I let things play out.  Writing about my foodie adventures makes me happy, and will motivate me to get back into the healthy routine that I love (read – bring some exercise back into my life).  And I like to ramble.

Writers – have you ever taken an extended break?

Those of you working full time in the corporate world – any life advice for this newbie?

pixel When Life Happens